• Coolsculpting: What you need to know!

  • Worried about your weight that just does not seem to go down despite how many workouts or diets you have followed over the years? Need to get in shape for a special day that is approaching, but it seems your workout regime is responding slowly? Coolsculpting is a way of reducing fat in your body without having to go through a surgical procedure or a diet/workout regime altogether. It is different than what happens when you lose weight and is by far the most risk-free method of getting in shape quickly without any surgeries done to your body according to Denver dermatology experts. This method is scientifically named as Cryolipolysis® and is based on the fact that natural or artificial cold is able to target fat cells in the body without damaging anything else around.

    If you are around Denver area and want to go through with this procedure, you definitely have to make sure you go through a qualified dermatologist who has experience in performing coolsculpting successfully in with other patients. Denver dermatology practitioners usually have a set of before and after pictures of this procedure done for their own patients, which you can go check out before deciding on whether this is what is best for you.  Do not hesitate to ask any questions you have from the dermatologist before you agree to the treatment. We are happy to help and it is important to us that you understand the procedure as much as possible to reduce your stress and anxiety about coolsculpting.

    How Coolsculpting is works?

    Theoretically, the process of coolsculpting is simple and self-explanatory by the name itself. The fat cells in your body will be exposed to a freezing environment which makes those cells frozen and in turn, they will die. Within a few weeks, after this procedure is done, your body naturally adjusts in removing those dead cells, leaving a more defined or “sculpted” you without the excess fat cells. Your Dermatologist Denver should be able to give you any other technical details about the procedure, but it is a virtually painless and extremely safe method of getting your body shape back.

    One of the best features about this procedure is that it is very specific in what it achieves. Without having to decipher which workout will improve the necessary areas, Coolsculpting directly targets what you do not want in your body and destroys it, leaving you lean and happy within a matter of a few weeks.

    Coolsculpting Denver may give faster results than a workout regime, but know that this is not a forever fix.  It is still a long-term treatment. It is safe, it is precise, and it is well controlled and very effective. Schedule your appointment at Dermatologist Denver today!